PetSmart Dog Training Reviews

PetSmart Dog and Puppy Training review

We took our own 6 month old puppy, a chow/Lab mix to our local PetSmart dog obedience training class and put them to the test.

There were five other puppy’s there with their owners. They ranged in size from a little Chihuahua to a very skittish mixed breed medium-large dog. Among the owners there was an early teen and her parent, a young couple, two lady’s and a thirty something man.

The instructor was friendly and seemed to genuinely want the dogs and their owners to succeed. More than once, however, he commented how he would like to do things differently but “this is how PetSmart requires us to do it.”

This seemed unprofessional to me. Don’t tell me what we can’t have to build yourself up and don’t put down your employer that we have chosen to work with.

In the six weeks, we were unable to get to most of the things that were mentioned in the brochure. We all succeeded in getting our dogs to sit on command. Most got their dogs to obey the “down” command.

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The “stay” command and anything beyond that was out of reach in the 6 weeks session. To go further, we were told we would have to buy the advanced training package.

I was disappointed that most of what the literature seems to indicate would be accomplished in the six weeks was not even attempted. The dogs learned to sit on command but would get right back up.

Overall it was not what I expected.

PetSmart Dog Training Pros

  • You work with your own puppy
  • You see how other dogs and their owners behave
  • You meet other pet owners

PetSmart Dog Training Cons

  • Expensive
  • Not as effective as I would like. In the brochure they talk about all sorts of cool stuff, but in the 6 weeks beginner course you’ll likely come away with your dog being able to “sit” on command and “down”.
  • Quick learners are held back by the slowest of the group
  • Many distractions make it harder to train. There are other dogs in the group. People walking by with their pets gawking at the training.

Conclusion on PetSmart Obedience Classes

If you want to meet other dogs and dog owners, maybe PetSmarts training could be for you. Or maybe you could just go to the dog park.

If your goal is to train your dog to be well mannered and obey, you can do a lot better for less money.


Skip Pet Smart and try something more effective. It was when I learned about Doggy Dan that my puppy and I had our breakthrough. With this online course you and your dog will learn a lot more than you will at PetSmart. Seriously, you really should at least check it out. Visit Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer.

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