Puppy Toys

How to make easy stuffed Kongs to start out puppies and inexperienced dogs with food toys.
Note: an astute viewer pointed out that at 2:22, the dog being filmed appears anxious. I agree. Her tail is pressed down and curled under her body. This was probably because of the filming situation–she has a very happy response to Kongs in real life. But those few seconds are not a good example of a dog enjoying a Kong. If your dog consistently acts like that, Kongs may not be a very good enrichment toy, or you may have progressed too fast in difficulty.

Puppy Food

http://bit.ly/jf4klr – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy! Check the “Products” tab for a cool dog food comparison tool.

How To Feed a Puppy – How To Choose the Best Puppy Food

Dr. Katy Nelson discusses canine nutrition for a happy and well-balanced life. From portion size and ingredients, to feeding schedules and best shopping practices, Dr. Nelson makes sure your puppy will be at his top physical and psychological health.

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